Point of Sale

MSL extends venue operators’ point of sale systems beyond the counter and delivers an outstanding experience at every engagement. Our SwiftPOS and OrderMate solutions support complementary sectors, broadening your ability to pick the right option for your venue.

SwiftPOS is a premier enterprise point of sale solution with unrivalled integration capabilities. It is the ideal solution for managing a diverse portfolio in the cloud, with industry-leading offline capabilities to ensure trade continuity. SwiftPOS is a highly adaptable point of sale system designed for businesses in the hospitality, sports, retail, and events industries.


Hotels & Bars
Grocery & Retail Stores

An integrated POS system that provides you with one easy solution to help run your business, utilising advanced technologies in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re a busy full-service restaurant, a large multi-area pub hotel, or a quick-service franchise, OrderMate POS can be highly tailored and customised to suit your venue type.


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