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Complete POS and Golf solutions purpose built for hospitality venues

MSL is the leading SaaS technology platform provider to the sports, leisure, and hospitality sectors. We help your venue deliver outstanding customer experiences during every engagement.

Point of Sale (POS)

Choose the right POS platform for your venue! Our SwiftPOS and OrderMate solutions have you covered, allowing you to select the right option to support your needs.


SwiftPOS is our premier enterprise POS solution with unrivalled capabilities and integrations, designed for businesses in the hospitality, sports, retail, and events industries.


OrderMate is our integrated POS system that provides one easy solution to run your hospitality business, whether you’re a busy full-service restaurant, a multi-venue group, or a quick-service franchise.


MSL provides technology platforms to help you manage National Federations, Golf Clubs, Golf Professionals and tournaments.

Golf Management System

SimpleGolf Management is a feature-rich, cloud-based golf management solution, covering the many facets of social and competition golf-play in the Australian market.


GOLFLink is the Australian national computerised handicapping service provided by Golf Australia. MSL has continually modernised and maintained Golf Link’s underlying technology and functionality in line with regulatory requirements and exceeding industry demands.

World Handicap System (WHS)

MSL is the World Handicap System (WHS) provider for Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Acknowledged by R&A and EGA, today more than 15 national golf federations worldwide have adopted GolfBox Tournament as the only tournament software.

Digital Solutions

We're here to amplify the impact of your brand and make your venue more efficient.


Enhance guest experiences and drive revenue with fast and efficient QR codes, online and via ticket ordering.

Connect Your Customer to Your Venue
with SwiftPOS
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Connect Your Customer to Your Venue <br> with SwiftPOS

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Make Sure Your Fans Don’t Miss a Second of the Game


Stop the queues. Increase fan engagement and boost per-customer spend with fast ordering and payments in-seat or on the concourse that is tightly integrated to your back-office operations.


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Let Your Patrons Order and Pay Their Own Way


Extend your POS beyond the counter. Let your your patrons order and pay from wherever they are in your venue. Full integration with your kitchen or bar, gaming and back of house.


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Put Your Members at the Centre of Your Club


Connect with your members. Get an in-depth understanding of how your members use and engage with your club. By understanding your members, golf clubs can deliver real benefits to members.


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Grow Participants and Develop Loyal Communitie


Be the centre of your community. Develop strong sporting communities by providing clubs and players with handicapping technology to assist golfers being engaged and actively participating in the game.


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Deliver a Cashless and Connected Campus


Improve the campus experience. Provide students and staff with mobile and contactless payments and personalised engagements on a central platform.


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