MSL is the place where technology and business meet sport, leisure and venues.  Our people are directly connected to what we deliver our customers.

We are not the big machine!  Our value to you lies in more than offering you ping-pong, yoga and free kombucha. Whilst they sound cool and are nice in the short-term, we know they add very little to your overall career value, and long-term job satisfaction.  We think that energy and money can be put to better use. 

MSL has a talented team that has an unapologetic high-performance culture and a sharp focus on delivering great solutions to our customers.  What we care about is the job we do, the decisions we make, the impact we have, and the value we generate. 

Working with us is about getting your hands dirty, having a direct impact on the product and customer, and working with a talented team that gets things done.  Regardless of where you are, working with us gives you the opportunity to work on projects, technology and products that make for a rewarding, interesting and valuable career.

Opportunity to Connect
    Small teams having ownership and impact.
A Connection to Sport
    A sport DNA that runs deep in the business.
Sport and Tech
    Help to influence fan or player experiences with our products.
A Great Career
    Expand to work you want to do. Flexibility where / when you work.
No Pigeonholing
    Opportunity to work on a variety of projects.
Flat Hierarchy
    Nimble teams that are without layers of hierarchy
Yoga sessions
Ping Pong
Pigeon-holed jobs
Sparkling Water and Kombucha
Invites to activities that don't help your career
Large scale, big machine bureaucracy

And the 2020 Employee Survey Says…

Manager and CEO Performance as rated out of 10 by our Employees





How people think we are tracking on the Organisational Health Index

Capacity for renewal 76.6%
Quality of Execution 76%
Internal Alignment 80%

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