Members find it easier to understand their monthly statements in the body of the email and the attachments are in sync. And you can easily update the statement and email template whenever you need to. 

Just head to:

Tools> Module Maintenance> Membership

Under Accounts Receivable tree you will find Statement Options.

KB Statement Options

Double click on the option you wish to edit or click ‘Modify statement options’.

This will bring up the Statement Option Detail screen (see below).

Statement Option Detail

It is quite common for venues to send an email without the attachment; please make sure that you check the first Option as needed.

Continue down the Statement Option Detail and you’ll find the ‘Email Template’ option.

If you’d like to use a specific template for a set period, you’ll need to update this before each statement run. Alternatively, you can use a generic template for as long as you need.

Generic Template example

Specific Template example

Once you are happy with your changes, click ‘Save’ on the right-hand side and you are able to run your statements with the new template.