We have recently introduced a new Renewal Invoice format, which now displays a payment plan breakdown.

This new layout will give your members a detailed breakdown of all payments over the course of their payment plan. This statement can be generated anytime during the subscription period to check whether each payment has been invoiced.

There are two ways to generate this statement for your members.

  1. Printing an individual subscription notice

  2. Via the Statement/Invoice Run.

For individual members:

  • Navigate to the members Subscription Account and double click on their Subscription Invoice.

Renewal Invoice
  • Once you have the invoice on screen, Select the Report layout. In this example, it is named Renewal invoice_PaymentPlan Schedule.

  • Set the device type to Screen and then click print.

Renewal Invoice
  • A PDF of the new statement will be displayed and on the 2nd page, you will see a breakdown of the payment plan.

Renewal Invoice

To print the renewal invoice breakdown for all your members, you will need to set up a new or modify an existing Statement Option.

  • Navigate to Tools > Module Maintenance > Membership > Accounts Receivable > Statement Options

  • Click add new Statement Option or doule click on the Statement Layout you wish to modify

statement options
  • Give the template a name

  • Select Renewal Invoices If you use the following options at your site, then you can set your parameters to suit your club.

Renewal Invoice
  • Then, just run a Statement/Invoice Run Generation as normal, making sure to select the renewal Invoice PDF’s and include payment plan schedule options.

Generate statements

Once generated, you can distribute these invoices to your members, giving them greater visibility and control over their payments.

If you would like to add this Statement Layout, please reach out to the Membership Support team, email membership_support@mslsolutions.com or call 1800 443 654 (option 2).