Have you seen the changes to Virtual Manager over the past year? New updates have included:

  • Significantly improved statement generation speed and performance. The performance gain is seen most when itemising POS detail on statements. The improvement range is 7-10 times faster.

  • There is a new “Dishonour Fee” tab available when configuring a Direct Debit. This allows a fixed amount or percentage fee to be applied when using “Reverse Selected Defaulters” to reverse direct debits in an existing Direct Debit Batch.

virtual manager updates
  • Payment Plan Wizard, Step 3 “Select payments to be generated”: Additional columns added “First Instal. Due Immediately” and “Due Date Required”. These columns give a better indication of whether to enter the subsequent or “First” due date in the “Instalment Due Date” column.

  • Changes to member lookup from POS (via VMAN API). When looking up members by Surname it will no longer return inactive members and sometimes the member was not found if they had a long name.

  • Previously Virtual Manager could only email statements but now Renewal Invoices can also be emailed to members.

  • Ability to attach an additional file to emails when sending via statement/invoice run such as a newsletter

virtual manager updates and improvements
  • Renewal Invoices now can show the payment plan schedule.      

Please contact membership_support@mslsolutions.com if you wish to discuss any of the points above. Read more Virtual Manager articles here