When you perform renewals in Virtual Manager, all members are deemed financial whether they have paid or not. Here is where the Exclusion Wizard comes in handy. It allows you to update members in bulk and classify them as either unfinancial or resigned. You can decide on specific parameters, such as subscription outstanding over several periods overdue.

To set members as unfinancial, you will need to give them an exclusion.

To run the Exclusion Wizard, navigate to:

  • Utilities
  • Membership
  • Exclusions
exclusion wizard
Step 1: Introduction to the Exclusion Wizard

1. Click Next for Step 2.

exclusion wizard
Step 2: Setup Options

1. Select the Exclusion type and the date the exclusion will start

2. Add an Exclusion Note or Reason why they are moved to this exclusion type

3. There is the option to reverse any outstanding invoices

a. Select the billable item for reversal

b. Enter the billable item description

4. Click Next for Step 3

Step 3: Financial Settings

1. If you want to filter by balance outstanding and overdue, tick to filter by financial settings box

2. Enter the $ amount in the total balance outstanding greater than box. This will be a monetary value and will not look at one specific invoice, but the aged total of the account type

3. The number of periods overdue box needs to be 1 or greater, as 0 periods do not work. This will calculate by the time between the current date and the Accounting Date of the Invoices. The Period will be factored by what you currently have your aging set to. You can find out the ageing by going to Tools>Module Maintenance>Membership and selecting the Accounts Receivable menu.

4. Select the Account Type that you wish to apply these financial settings

5. Click Next for Step 4

Step 4: Membership Settings

Please Note: Step 3 (Financial Setting) and Step 4 (Membership Settings) can be used together to narrow down search results, but it is highly recommended to do Step 3 and ignore Step 4 or vice versa.

1. Tick to Filter by membership renewal

2. The Membership not renewed for more than box will search for Members without a current membership. It will calculate from the last active Membership and find its total, by counting the time between the last Membership’s end date and the current day.

3. Click Next for step 5.

Step 5: Membership Types

1. Filter by Membership Types. Right-click on the list to check or uncheck all. Tick the membership types you wish to apply the exclusions too.

2. Click Next for step 6

Step 6: Members to be excluded

These are the members returned from your search parameters. You can right-click on the list to check or uncheck all. Once you have finished reviewing the list and are satisfied with the selection, Click Next.

Please contact membership_support@mslsolutions.com if you have any further questions or queries. Read more Virtual Manager articles here.