SwiftPOS has partnered with Till Payments as the new OrderAway payment processor. 

Feature Details

Whenever a payment is received through OrderAway it is processed via a secure, web-based payment gateway. We’re enhancing the offering by partnering with Till Payments to unlock the following benefits for SwiftPOS venues:

Simplified Billing: OrderAway venues will no longer have the hassle of processing invoices. All fees will be combined and deducted at settlement by Till Payments.

No Minimum Subscriptions: There will no longer be a minimum subscription fee per month.

Enhanced Surcharging: Venue’s can surcharge up to the entire transaction fee as required.

Same-day Settlement: Till Payments offer Same Day Settlement – venues are reimbursed for all transactions completed that day up to 18:00 AEST (net of fees). Conditions apply. 

More Transparent Onboarding Process: The OrderAway team will manage a new onboarding process on behalf of Till Payments. An Onboarding portal simplifies the collection of data and documents required to approve a payments processing application.

Additional Information 

  • The venue will continue to receive a monthly merchant statement from Till Payments
  • From a guest perspective using OrderAway, the payments screens are unchanged save cosmetic differences (importantly retaining the Apple / Google Pay payment facility) 
  • The previous payment option will continue to be available, billed as before
  • American Express Payment available on request – requires AMEX venue credentials 

About Till Payments

Till is the fast-moving, Aussie-born, global fintech disruptor opening a world of possibilities for businesses seeking simple, seamless, all-in-one payments, we take complexity out of getting paid with single-source solutions that ensure merchants can accept any payment wherever and whenever their customers shop, be it online, in-store, or a combination of both.

Founded in 2012, Till’s is rapidly growing and headquartered in Australia, with teams in London, Canada and across the US. Till currently serves merchants across 12 countries and over 500 cities.