We are continuing our journey to discover the true power of SwiftPOS. We will now dive into inventory management, to give you complete control over your inventory lifecycle.

With an understanding that in hospitality, things just happen…. You are in the middle of a busy service period, open the fridge door, and a carton of beer falls out, smashing on the floor. What happens now? What happens with that stock?

SwiftPOS to the rescue! Manage your stock from the POS through the power of the Wastage function key. Let’s see how it works.

On your keyboard layout, you can add the function key (50) ‘Wastage’ to any page that suits your venue and is easy to find for your staff.


To mark an item as wastage, select the item required, and it will appear in the sales grid. Press the ‘Wastage’ button and confirm.

wastage function

SwiftPOS can enforce reasons when marking items as wastage. These can be venue specific and be restricted by clerk permissions, ensuring you maintain control over the entire process.

wastage page

A staff member can select the reason to mark that item as waste. Once selected, it will finalise that transaction. Just like a sale, it will record that movement and can be configured to print a receipt at the time of processing that transaction.  

wastage receipts

There you have it. Such a simple addition to your keyboard layout. Not only improving your stock management but making your staff SwiftPOS heroes. 

Why not try it out? Get in touch and we can show you how to get the best out of SwiftPOS.