With the addition of a new customer success team at MSL, we are looking to help you get the most out of SwiftPOS.  With your customer satisfaction as the core goal, we will take you on a journey, discovering the true power of SwiftPOS and how you can maximise its impact on your hospitality operation.

Visually, you will see a robust solution that ticks all the boxes, but the true power of SwiftPOS lies in the hands of you, the operator… And empowering your team with the operational efficiencies within SwiftPOS is easier than you think!

Let’s have a look at the power of the seating feature in SwiftPOS.

Hospitality 101 – Providing great service to enhance the customer experience. Managers want their staff engaged with their customers while also minimising any interruptions to the customers dining experience. Your waiters can assign a seat number beside an item, by pressing ‘seat’, then entering the seat number, finally, selecting the required menu item and this is then carried through to the kitchen. 

As you can see below, the selected seat will display on the screen beside the selected menu item. The waiter will now have the ability to identify which customer ordered each menu selection.

SwiftPOS Seating Feature

As displayed on this example docket below, each seat number will print or display under every selected menu item.

seating feature kitchen docket

And they will deliver the correct meal, to the correct customer = great customer service enhancing the diners experience and creating a level of sophistication that keeps them coming back again and again.

Utilising the seat function across an entire restaurant during a service period will not only improve a customer’s experience but will also reduce unnecessary wait times, adding value to each dining experience.

It doesn’t end there…

At the time of finalising the bill, the seat feature separates out each person’s entire order, allowing for a smooth payment transaction, leaving the customers impressed with the complete dining experience.

Throughout a service period, SwiftPOS automatically separates orders to their allocated seat number. At the time of payment, using the split bill feature, each seat number will be displayed separately, allowing the waiter the ability to select each individual seat or combining seats when processing payments.

Utilising the seat feature in your order of service will allow you to improve your customer service.

Why not try it out? Get in touch and we can show you how to get the best out of SwiftPOS.