A must have Function Key for your keyboard layout that will save you TIME!

We are continuing our journey to discover the true power of SwiftPOS. We will now dive into the functional strengths that will make a real difference in your venue. The most consistent piece of feedback we get from you, the managers on the ground, relates to TIME or more precisely, your team not having enough of it.

Allocating time to ‘dig into’ SwiftPOS is a tough ask and is pushed down the ‘TO-DO’ list. So here is a way to save you time!

 ‘Reorder Table Items’ is the function key we’d like to champion today.  Sure, you could look through your layouts for products… or use the search function to look for a particular item… but why would you do that when you can simply press the ‘reorder table item’ button to process menu items that your guests are already enjoying.

Let’s take a look at how it works!

On your keyboard layout, you can add the ‘reorder table items’ function key (110) to any layout that will suit your venue. You can add an image to the button and restrict the product groups available for this function, as shown in the example below.

Reorder Table Items

To specify what product groups you want to include in the ‘reorder’ function (once you have added the function key 110 to your keyboard layout), click on ‘more settings’ and simply add the product categories.

You have full control over what groups that you want to include. Don’t worry, the normal product behaviour will still occur. For example, if you include cold drinks and they print somewhere in your venue, they will still print as usual.

reorder table items swiftpos

During a service period, you would instruct your staff to open the table as usual.

Once the table is opened and the items are in the sales grid, press the function key ‘reorder table item’, or in this example, the ‘Same Drinks Again’ button. This will open another page.

swiftpos reorder table items
reorder table items

It will show you a list of items that have already been ordered at that table. Simply select the items you wish to reorder, then hit OK. The selected items will display in the sales grid, and like normal, you would press the TABLE button to save those items to that table.

Once implemented at your venue, it will reduce the number of clicks, so your staff can focus their attention on your customers.

Now…Over to you!

Why not try it out? Get in touch and we can show you how to get the best out of SwiftPOS