We’ve officially rebranded with a new logo and look. We have a reinvigorated identity for the new, while paying homage to the old.

For almost 20 years, SwiftPOS’s trademark swift icon, deep red and POS branding has made SwiftPOS a leading brand in the Point of Sale industry. Our vision was to retain and redesign all three elements for a new era.

We are proud to present the new SwiftPOS and to continue to lead the industry in powerful point of sale solutions.

History Shapes The Future

Established in April of 1995 as Samford Software, SwiftPOS was not conceptualised until 2004. The logo was created to brand the company’s new point of sale system. The Swift, a reference to the agile and fast-flying species, was specifically used for its connotations for efficient and accurate high speed.

The product quickly lived up to the Swift name, becoming a leading point-of-sale system in the industry, delivering new market lead technologies. The brands reach across the market was further spearheaded with a strong global reseller and support network, which continues to underpin the brand’s identity and reach in the industry today.

In late 2020, after a successful 25 years, SwiftPOS was acquired by MSL Solutions. The successful acquisition sees a new chapter in the SwiftPOS brand. A core objective for MSL is maintaining the brand’s historical identity and the 40+ businesses that make up the global reseller network. 

26 years of success has resulted in an industry-leading brand that continues to provide fast, large-scale solutions to a variety of venues ranging from cafes and clubs to 50,000-seat stadiums.

The Idea

To modernise and reinvigorate the SwiftPOS brand while maintaining the brands’ historical identity, recognition, and industry leading name. Providing consistent brand appeal across all of our SwiftPOS products and modules.

The new SwiftPOS will be available in SwiftPOS versions 9.47 and version 10.25.