A raffle draw is a powerful promotional tool to influence customer behaviour at your venue – from time in venue to attendance at specific times. The following SwiftPOS help guide is an example of a members-only raffle draw promotion.

The Scenario

Members can earn raffle tickets over a period of a month whenever they spend more than $50.00 on drinks. A draw will be held every Friday in the same month. 

The Setup Required

  1. In SwiftPOS Back Office, create the Barrel Draw Promotion to control the earning and issuing of raffle tickets. 


Make sure the Accumulative option is selected. This will ensure that drinks purchased by individual members during the 1 month promotional period will accumulate. When either the Spend Money Value or the Spend Product Qty is reached then the member will be rewarded with a raffle ticket. 

2. From the Barrel Promotion Edit screen in SwiftPOS Back Office, if required, create the Design Layout for the Barrel Promotion Ticket to be issued using the Design button at the bottom of the screen. 

raffle setup

3. At Reception setup a Barrel Draw Printer as Peripheral to facilitate the printing of tickets.

raffle printing

Note: The Printer Number specified when setting up the Barrel Draw Printer must also be specified in the Barrel Promotion Edit screen above, in the Printer field. This will not apply when the Virtual Draw option has been selected. 

4. At each SwiftPOS Touch Terminal, where Raffle Tickets are earned/printed, the following will need to be configured:

  1. The Customer Settings > Misc > Barrel Promotions settings are configured as required at each SwiftPOS Touch Terminal where tickets are earned/printed. 

  2. If Raffle tickets are going to be printed, a Barrel Promotion Printer will need to be configured

Front-Of-House Operation

  1. At the SwiftPOS Touch terminal, sell items to a member. Whenever the Spend Money Value or the Spend Product Qty is reached within the earn barrel promotion ticket date/time, then the member will be rewarded with a raffle ticket. A notification will appear on the receipt.

raffle receipt
  1. The next time the member swipes his/her member card at the reception/kiosk and it is within the Issue Barrel Promotion Tickets Data/Time range, all tickets issued to them and not yet printed, will be printed. 

winner draw

3. At Reception, run a Member Draw by selecting the Member Draw button.

4. The Member Draw screen will be displayed. Select the Barrel Promotion type, the date range and any other filters required. Select the Barrel Promotion to be drawn. Select the Draw button to initiate the Draw.

kiosk draw

Also, at the Kiosk, the draw will cycle through the members who have tickets that qualify depending on the draw filters selected, and will randomly select a winner. Hooray! 

For more information visit CUSTOMER HELP INFORMATION (pos.com.au).

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