Staff training and consistency are everyday problems faced by venues. Getting this right can be one of the biggest challenges we face in our industry. However, it can be easier. 

To continue our journey discovering the powers within SwiftPOS, lets dive into the product information function.

In Back Office, when creating a new product or reviewing and making changes to an existing product, you can add a note to that product.

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By clicking on Notes, it will open a screen where you can add information about that individual product.

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This could include:

  • Wine – Tasting notes, region, or what meal it is best served with.
  • Meals – Description of the dish, protein origin, or how it is cooked
  • Cocktails – Recipes, of flavour profile of the cocktail

The only limitation is your imagination!

New to this feature is Allergens. Empower your staff and add allergen information to your menu items, allowing them to sell products with confidence… and safely. 

How many times have you been to a venue and either heard or witnessed a customer ask a waiter, ‘does this have gluten?’ and the reply is, ‘I will have to check with the kitchen.’ And seen them leave the floor to check. Too often!

Remove this occurring from your venue by simply utilising this feature. It will improve consumer confidence, and will improve your staff’s product knowledge, making them your champions!

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Once you have added the notes into each product, you will see the power of information now available at your staff members fingertips.

On the POS, this information is available by pressing the ‘product information’ function button, then the product.

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The product information will then display on the screen. Your staff will have the option to review and inform guests details of products in a way they have never been able to before. 

They can also print the product information notes as required. This will remove the need for staff manuals or cocktail recipe books behind the bar, making your staff champions of your products.

Utilising the product information feature in your operation will allow you to improve your staff’s product knowledge, improving your customers experience, setting you apart from your competitors. 

Why not try it out? Get in touch and we can show you how to get the best out of SwiftPOS