Combo and value meal deals are part of the DNA of quick-service restaurants. The following SwiftPOS Help Guide is a setup example of a combo. 

The Scenario

A customer can purchase a Burger Meal Deal which will consist of the following offerings:

  • A Burger
  • A choice of side – either a fries, salad, coleslaw, or potato salad. All can down/upsized to either the Small or Large.
  • A choice of drink – either a Coke, Fanta, Sprite or Pepsi. All can be down/upsized to either the Small or Large.

The Setup Required 

Create Products for both the Combos and their Items

1. Create Combo Items (Products) in the SwiftPOS Back Office for each of the Small, Medium and Large Burger Meal Deals.

combo meal deal

2. Create Products in SwiftPOS Back Office for each of the Products that will form the items sold as part of the Burger Meal Deal. For example, small, medium and large Fries, Green Salad, Coleslaw and Potato Salad. As well as small, medium and large Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Pepsi.

combo meal

Set the Combo Price for each of the Products to the amount to be increased/decreased by when down/upsizing. The Combo Price for the default size will be $0.00. 

Note: The Combo Price here is set to -$1.00. This means that to downsize from the default (being a Medium in this example) to a Small Fries, this would mean the total Combo price would be decreased by $1.00. Similarly, to upsize to a Large Fries, the Combo Price could be set to $1.00 and would mean the total Combo price would be increased by $1.00. The Combo Price for the Medium Fries (being the default) would be set to $0.00.

3. If alternative Products are going to be offered, that is Customers can change the default Combo Item to something else. For example, the default drink is a Medium Coke and alternative drinks that can be chosen by Customers are Fanta, Pepsi, and Sprite. To set this up, create the Families ‘Combo Sides’ and ‘Combo Drinks’, and assign to these Families the default size (being Medium) of all the other Products the Customers can choose as an alternative.

For example, Fanta Medium, Pepsi Medium, and Sprite Medium. In this example, the following Families are created:

  • Combo Drinks – For the Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Pepsi (All the Medium sizes).
  • Combo Sides – For the Fries, Green Salad, Coleslaw and Potato Salad Products (All the Medium sizes).
combo options

Configure the Combo

1. Create the Combo in SwiftPOS Back Office. Select New to create a new Combo. This will display the Combo Setup Edit screen. 


1. Provide a name for the Combo. The name specified here will be the name that will be seen when configuring the Combo Rules POS Key in SwiftPOS Back Office. 

2. Configure the remaining General Settings as required.

3. Add the Combo Items (Burger, Sides and Drinks). Select New to open the Combo Link Edit screen and link a Product to the Combo

2. Link the Products (Combo Items) to the Combo in SwiftPOS Back Office. 


Use this screen to link Products / Families Combo. This is a screenshot of the Burger being linked to the Combo. Similarilty link the Families Combo Sides and Combo Drinks to the same Combo (see below). 

3. In the Combo Setup Edit screen select the Combo Prices tab, and configure the Combo Items (created in the Product Setup). 


The order in which the Combo Items are listed in the grid will determine the order in which the Combo will change (at the SwiftPOS Touch terminal) whenever the Down/Upsize button is selected. 

Note: It is important that the order configured here, also reflects order in which the Combo Price was set in the Product Setup above.

If necessary, Prices can be changed here as well. Note: Any changes to the Price Here will also be reflected in Product Records. 

Configure the Combo Items to offer Alternative Drinks/Sides

1. To offer the option to change Combo Items using the Change Combo Item POS Key, ensure the Combo Items Drinks/Sides are linked to the Families Combo Drinks and Combo Sides.

2. In the Combo Setup Edit screen:

  • Select either the Drinks/Sides entry and then select Edit.

3. In the Combo Link Edit screen: 

  • Select the Combo Drinks Family (that was setup in step 1 above) and the select the default Product in the Family. 

4. Repeat this for any other Combo Items for which an alternative selection is offered. Note: Families will need to be created for each of them

Configure the Keyboard

1. Add the Combo Rules, Downsize, Change Combo Item and Downsize POS Keys to the appropriate Layout using the Keyboard Designer



Once the Combo has been setup, selling them at the SwiftPOS Touch terminal can commence. 

For more information on how to:

  • To sell the default combo
  • To Down/Upsize the Combo 
  • To Down/Upsize an Item
  • To Change an Item 

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