Do you know what’s happening in your venue today?

Generate daily or weekly reports automatically with SwiftPOS Batch Reports. The reports can be printed, saved to a file, emailed or uploaded to an FTP server without any user intervention required. One less headache for you and your team!

Nearly every SwiftPOS report can be set up as a batch report and run at specified times.

Setting up Batch Reports

batch reports

a) Go to Administration > Batch Reports 

b) Select the New button

c) On this page you can:

i. Select the type of report 

ii. Select the frequency 

iii. Select the destination

iv. Select the email recipient 

v. Select the file type that it saves in

d) When you have entered all the details required, press the Save button

e) You may add as many batch reports as you require

f) Go to Administration > Location Group (Venues)

g) Select your location and press Full Edit

batch reports

h) To ensure that batch reports are run with your end of day processes, press the End of Day button

i) Tick the box next to Process Batch Reports 

j) Press OK