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The extensive data stored and generated by your POS is only as valuable as the reporting insights you can act on. SwiftPOS features a powerful POS reporting engine that is fast, flexible and user-friendly.

With hundreds of reports in the system, each with filters and delivery options, there are potentially millions of different data views. But most users will only access a few reports that are important to their role, so we’d like to share a few tips on getting actionable information in the most efficient manner.

1. Access Control: Every user has a Security Group level. These Security Group rules can be applied to every report category, right down to every single report in the system. Users will only see the report options that they have access to. Good use of the Security Group settings will focus your team on their relevant reporting areas.

2. Finding Reports: SwiftPOS now has a keyword search panel at the top of the reports screen. Here you can type a keyword and find all available reports that have that term in their title or description. This is a great way of finding different views of the data in the system. Once you have found a report of interest, the Report Information button describes the fields and relationships used in the report. For even more information on a report, you can go to the help file which has samples of the system reports you can view.

3. Set Your Favourites: SwiftPOS allows you to save the configuration of regularly used reports and assign your own name to them for easy reference. This makes it easy for you to go straight to the relevant reports or to share them with the team with the focussed and relevant information that need.

4. Automation: There is a lot of efficiencies to be gained by having important reports generated and distributed automatically. The Batch Reports feature will set the system to auto-generate and send or print reports without team members having to access the system at all. If you need a weekly sales summary every Monday morning, using this feature it will be emailed to you and in your in-tray every week.

A quick review of your teams report access and settings is a great way to make sure you are getting the best information to the right people in the most efficient way.

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