Harvard Business Review says that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one (Harvard Business Review). With SwiftPOS, you have the opportunity to drive customer behaviours through members’ accounts to strengthen loyalty.

One example is delivering a benefit to a specific member calcification such as a $10 daily allowance for platinum members.

What is an Account Allowance?

An Account Allowance is a fixed dollar value allowance that can be repeatedly offered for a selected period. The member can utilise multiple times until such time the allowance has been depleted completely or the selected period has transpired. The allowance can be configured to:

  1. Only apply to those members within selected classifications.

  2. Offer fixed dollar value allowance limits (referred to as credit limits) and can be set varyingly against selected account classifications.

  3. Can be posted to specific media for the purposes of reporting. For example, the media audit report

  4. Can be reset and offered again after the selected period (interval) has expired.

  5. Can be reset manually or automatically via the end of day process. We suggest that it be configured to run automatically as part of the end of day.

Note: Once configured for an account classification, any previous credit limit value attributed to an account within the classification will be overridden at the time of a reset of account balances and the credit limit will be set to the credit limit amount set.


Any venue that is registered for the Accounts & Members Module.


A venue decides to offer members in selected classifications an ongoing allowance.


The provision of a member’s allowance makes use of the existing SwiftPOS account credit limit attribute. Once a classification has been configured for an allowance (credit limit amount) and the reset account balances process has been executed, the account’s credit limit will now display the allowance value set.


The allowances being offered can be configured against selected account classifications using the reset interval, day of reset, credit limit amount, post reset amount to media and the reset credit limit attributes. The allowance dollar value offered can be reset manually via reset accounts or automatically as part of the end of day process.

Here is how to set up a $10 daily allowance for platinum members:


1. If a venue chooses to automatically reset allowances, then ensure the rest account balances option is selected in the end of day options screen. The alternative being a manual reset. This can be achieved by selecting the rest accounts button. 

2. In Media, configure an unused media for the allowance being offered. 

Account Allowances

2. In Account Classifications, configure the allowances as follows: 

  1. Set the Reset Interval for the platinum members classification to every day.

  2. Set the Day Of Reset to daily reset.

  3. Set the Credit Limit Amount to $10.00.

  4. Set the Post Reset Amount to Media to the media configured in above.

  5. Ensure the Reset Credit Limit option is selected.

  6. Select the Reset Accounts button OR ensure the Reset Account Balances option is selected in the End of Day Options screen to ensure the credit limit amount set is applied to each of the member’s accounts within the selected Classification.

Account Allowances / Classification

Note: Once a reset of account balances has been processed, any previous credit limit value attributed to an account (assigned to a classification configured for an allowance) will be overridden and set to the credit limit account. 


At SwiftPOS Touch:

  1. Add a member, that has had their Credit Limit set to the Credit Limit Amount (Allowance) configured in Account Classifications, to the sale.

  2. Sell items to the member

  3. Using the Charge / Redemption (#151) POS Key, finalise the sale to the member’s account. If the sale exceeds the Member’s Credit Limit (Allowance), finalise the remaining amount to another media (for example, CASH or EFTPOS)

In SwiftPOS Back Office:

  1. The amounts charged to the member’s account will initially be charged to the account charge media (90).

  2. The Reset Account Balances process runs as part of the End of Day and when appropriate, or manually as required. Once completed and only for those Account Classification’s that have the Reset Credit Limit option selected, will amounts be posted to the media configured in the account classification’s Post Reset Amount to Media column. The amounts posted will be the allowance amounts utilised by members over the Reset Interval period.

  3. Once posted, reporting on these amounts can be done by running any report that can be filtered by media. For example, the Media Audit report.