The Omicron wave has further exasperated the crippling staffing crisis in the hospitality industry. Increased transmissibility of the virus has seen entire hospitality teams at risk when a colleague or customer tests positive, resulting in scores of venues being forced to close for up to a week.  

Perhaps the solution lies in technology.

More and more hospitality venues are turning to contactless QR-code ordering with a core benefit of empowering customers to order and pay which assists venues in mitigating staffing shortages.

Point of Sale contactless ordering

Self-service ordering removes the time taken for customer orders, allowing more efficient deployment for your front-of-house (FOH) team.  Instead, your FOH staff can be allocated more impactful tasks such as greeting patrons upon entry as well as running food and drinks. By eliminating ordering and payment steps, more customers can be helped in less time, elevating the guest experience and easing the pressure you may be seeing on your FOH staff members.

Also, we’ve seen a 37% increase in basket size per order with OrderAway, our fully integrated QR code ordering solution. Why? Guests like trying new items which are offered through non-intrusive ‘upselling’ features, delivering guests with highly personalised recommendations to boost the basket size.

Offsetting staff shortages with self-service ordering technology may not be the remedy for all staffing needs; however, it enables venues to balance the current challenges in a relevant and efficient manner.

By putting the power of ordering in the hands of customers, staff can concentrate on what they do best – making sure customers are satisfied and come back for more.

Learn about our QR code ordering solution – OrderAway