Single Source of Truth (SSOT) has slightly different definitions based on the context. In general, SSOT is a concept where an organisations data (the truth) is collated into one area or database; and all organisational programs, day-to-day operations and systems derive from that single source of data.  

The benefits of SSOT speaks for itself. SSOT’s core function is to standardise data across an organisation, so no matter who retrieves, or more importantly, changes the data, that data remains consistent and up to date across the organisation. Aggregating different data sources across an organisation can typically be time-consuming and difficult. 

Thankfully, SwiftPOS has SSOT built into it from the ground up. SwiftPOS Back Office excels as the administrative hub, allowing venues to centralise all data into one database and importantly separated based on different locations within a venue. Each location may also have specific pricing, stock levels and different products.  

Changes are seamless and can be localised to one location, an entire venue or for the group/enterprise. An example of this is surcharging which can easily be implemented and managed within SwiftPOS Back Office for an entire venue, changing for occasions such as a public holiday or happy hour promotions. And these changes can be scheduled and applied automatically.

And why is this relevant to Online Ordering? 

Third-party ordering platforms require you to enter everything twice… As a result, it forms two sources of truth – the venues database (POS system) and the online ordering app. 

When a change is made in either solution, two sources of truth eventuate. Going back to our example of surcharging, you would need to make two changes to get the result you are after. Without both the POS and the 3rd party ordering party being in sync, the chance of mistakes escalates greatly.   

OrderAway maintains a venue’s single source of truth. 

This is where a SwiftPOS OrderAway has a core advantage as it maintains a SSOT within SwiftPOS Back Office. Any changes made to an OrderAway location instantly take effect – no syncing is required.  

Take our example of surcharging again, automatic or scheduled happy hour pricing will instantly take effect without any intervention or further setup required from venue management. Any changes or further configuration requirements needed to update an OrderAway menu, can all happen from the one SSOT (SwiftPOS Back Office). Ultimately, saving you time, costs, resources and reducing errors. 

By Cairo Sauvage – MSL Solutions 

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