Setting up credit card surcharges per Tender Type/Account 

If your venue would like to charge a credit card surcharge when receiving payment for a particular tender type such as American Express or Visa cards, Virtual Manager can automatically calculate the value to be charged and add the billable item when receipting payment.

To set this up at your venue or to modify the amount you are on charging simply follow these steps.

Go to Tools>Module Maintenance>Membership and under the Accounts Receivable you will see the category Tender Types.

Credit Card Surcharge 1

With the Types you need to change, double click on the item you want to change (eg. Visa) and then click on the Surcharges tab.

Credit Card Surcharge 2

These are all the Surcharges that have been applied to a Tender Type. You will need to make sure there is a charge amount set for each Account you intend to apply a surcharge.

To add a new charge, you will need to click on the Add New Surcharge option below the listed surcharges. This will create an empty line you will need to fill.

Credit Card Surcharges 3

As mentioned above you will need to set the Account you want updated. This is done in the Account Receivable Type menu.

For the Start Date, it is automatically set to today’s date; we recommend changing this to the first day of the membership year, so that if you enter a payment with this tender type with an earlier date than today the credit card surcharge will apply.

Next, make sure to set the Surcharge amount, the second will give you two options you can choose from, Percentage or Dollar Value.

Select the Billable Item is what will show up on the charge.

Charge to other account is where you want the charge to go if you do not want it to show on the intended account.

The screenshot below is an example of a surcharge setup.

VM 4

By Suzanne Burnett