Retail POS Features and Functionality

Multi-Venue Management
Intuitive Control & Product Management
Loyalty & Promotions

Multiple Stores or Thinking of Expanding? Think SwiftPOS Head Office. With SwiftPOS Head Office, your retail POS will keep track of all your stores and important sales data. Head Office enables your business to control and manage cost and selling prices across all locations.

Some of the biggest expenses to your store can be stock and wages.  Manage your stock effectively with a single step stock transfers at the POS. Use wrist bands or clerk/staff logins to clock in/out at the POS

Our in-built Loyalty and Promotion features are designed to ensure your customers keep coming back, while also attracting new customers to your store. Create promotions quickly and easily using multiple pricing options to enhance your marketing strategy.

With SwiftPOS, you can create a loyal customer base. Our in-built customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you to create customer profiles and understand their buying habits. Create personalised reward programs for your top customers and offer them exclusive deals.

Connect Your Customer To Your Store

Connect Your Customer To Your Store

Download the brochure to learn more about how our point of sale system can benefit your retail business. SwiftPOS Retail POS is perfect for: nurseries and garden centres, convenience/general stores, and hardware stores.

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