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Contactless Ordering<br>and Payments
Member<br> Engagement

No matter if your guests choose take-away, at-table ordering, at-table service or order at a POS terminal, it’s all fully integrated. Your guests will order from the same menu and be certain to get consistent, fast and reliable service. 

Membership and database management options allow you to manage and analyse member data. You can develop promotions and rewards for members based on membership tiers, member preferences and spending habits, including; vouchers, meal deals and points promotions. 

Set reports to automatically run by date, products, inventory, workforce management, marketing campaigns and more. Drag and drop builders allow you to create reports and get insights in minutes. Compare current data against historical data to understand and optimise your operations. 

Connect Your Customer To Your Venue

Connect Your Customer To Your Venue

Download the brochure and read more about how you can use your POS to connect your customer to your venue with an automated, mobile point of sale solution.

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