Tips & Tricks

In SwiftPOS v9 we released a new way of managing Post Links for the Point of Sale. This is an important change that helps SwiftPOS Venues greatly reduce the number of Keyboard layouts being used, and the time required to update and change layouts.

What is a Post Link?

A Post Link is an option that is triggered by the selection of a product at the POS. Sometimes referred to as a modifier or option, the Post Links are often used in hospitality for common menu options such as the way a steak is cooked (Rare, Medium Rare, etc.), the “comes with” choices (Mushroom Sauce, Red Wine Jus, etc.) and some upsells (plus salad, plus chips, plus vegetables). In retail, they might be used for Size and Colour choices (S, M, L, XL), for preparation options (gift bag, gift box) or for product related upsells.

Previously, the Post Links were designed and managed in the Keyboard Layouts. The problems with this method arise firstly where a product is added in multiple keyboards and the post links settings need to be added to the product key each time it is added to a keyboard; and secondly, where a product is sold from a manual search, filtered search, or barcode scan – in which case the Post Links are not triggered at all.

In v9 we added the Post Links configuration to the Product Screen.

Product Post Links

Using this method, a Post Link option pop-up is triggered every time an item is added to the sale, eliminating the need for the settings to be managed in the Keyboard Layouts. Because of this, it is now possible to use a single Filtered Search button to replace whole keyboards and significantly reduce the time spent on Keyboard management.