Need to adjust price levels on the fly? No problem. In SwiftPOS, you can easily set different pricing on items depending on the customer, time of day or special promotions.

This help guide aims to assist you in setting up your price levels.

Creating a New Price Level

price levels in SwiftPOS

a) Within SwiftPOS, go to Administration > Price Level & Media Set-Up

b) Change the name of one of the unused Price Levels and click Save

c) Go to Administration > Location Records

d) Click on the location that you wish to activate your new Price Level

e) Select the Full Edit button.

f) Click on the Price Levels button.

g) Place a tick next to your new Price Level to activate it at your chosen location.

h) Click Save & Close

i) Repeat this for all the locations that you wish your Price Level to be active.

Entering New Prices

After naming your new Price Level, there are two ways to enter new prices.

price levels

1. Changing prices individually

a) Go to Products> Product Records

b) Select a product that you want the new Price Levels to apply to.

c) Click on Full Edit

d) Change the price of the new Price Level, by double-clicking on the price and entering a new value.

e) Repeat this for each product.

2. Using the Price Change Wizard

This gives you the ability to change the prices of large groups of products at the same time. This option works by changing the price of all products by a standard amount, e.g. Staff Price Level – 25% off Retail Price

Note: Before doing this process, please ensure you have made a backup. 

a) Go to Products > Price Changes Wizard

b) Click the New button

c) Name the price change logically for reference purposes.

d) Click the Wizard button

price levels wizard

e) This will bring up a series of four pages where you must enter the appropriate details.

f) In the Change Prices tab, select the price level/s to change.

g) Click Next

h) In the From Where tab, select the Price Level that you would like to use as a base for the new price (this can be the price you are changing in cases such as increasing the retail price by 10% across the board)

i) Click Next

j) In the Groups & Filters tab, filter which products are to be changed. If it is all products, make the filters cover the entire range of products.

Notes: These settings will stay like this the next time you use the Price Change Wizard so be sure to check this screen carefully each time.

price level retail

k) In the Formulas & Rounding tab, enter in the formula you would like to use, and select what rounding is to apply.

l) Click Finish

m) A list of all the changed products will appear showing the previous price and the new price. If you are happy with this, click Save and then the Commit button.

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