While ’tis the season to be jolly, venues will encounter numerous challenges over the holiday period. From increased demand to hosting Christmas parties, prepare for the crazy rush with these 4 OrderAway tips:

1. Showcase Christmas drink specials with Mix & Match Deals.

Over half of consumers like to see seasonal drinks offered over the festive period (Source: Hotelier Hospitality). So be sure to include some festive options such as a gingerbread old-fashioned!

Managing stock effectively to meet increased demand presents another challenge during this period. However, we have the perfect solution, the Mix & Match volume discount pushes out excess stock and entices customers to spend more. Two birds, one stone! The volume discount rule allows the sale of a few items for a set price. For example, buy 5 craft beers for $30.

Here is a full breakdown of OrderAway Mix & Match.

2. Menu Flexibility for Christmas Functions

OrderAway provides venues with the flexibility to manage what menus are displayed at different times of the day. For example, the tool can cater for:

  • Different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Specials that are only available on a particular night

It’s an incredibly relevant tool for venues hosting Christmas functions. Only want to offer finger food at an event instead of your traditional dinner menu? No problem. Want to offer only beer and wine? Too easy.

orderaway Christmas rush

NOTE: Make sure your start and end times for the back-to-back menu and trading periods don’t overlap to have the most seamless transition between periods.

For more, here is a full breakdown of the menu and trading period setup.

3. Another Beer? Just Order Again

The Order Again feature presents a simple method for patrons to add items from their most recent order into their basket with a single tap. Another round for the table, please! It removes the need to navigate the menu again, just to reorder your favourite drop.

Learn how to enable Order Again here.

4. Deliver quick service with QR-code pickup

OrderAway offers a digital alternative to table buzzers and numbered tickets, with QR-code pickup. This enables a unique QR-code to be generated with each customer order. Patrons are notified by SMS once their order is ready. At collection, staff can simply scan the customer’s QR-code displayed on their phone to finalise the purchase.

Here is a full breakdown of QR-code order pickup verification

If you’re looking to enhance your venue’s offering with OrderAway, get in touch.