Luna Park

Case Study

Providing Luna Park Transaction & Membership Solutions (POSCOM)



POSCOM have been providing Luna Park transaction and membership solutions since 2012, using the SwiftPOS Point of Sale System at its core.

The Challenge

Luna Park is a dynamic business and has relied on POSCOM as their SwiftPOS integration and hardware partner to keep up with their technology vision for customer experiences, operational requirements, reporting and marketing.

The Solution

QSR Service

Vouchers are sold online for pre-purchased meals and the vouchers issued can be used at any QSR location for redemption using the unique barcode. SwiftPOS vouchers are simple to manage for the Luna Park team and include detailed audit and management tools.

Coupling this with the need for fast and reliable production of guests food and beverage orders, Luna Park are utilising installed Kitchen Screens and productions printing for quick tagging of food items and no mistakes distribution.

Bistro Service

Luna Park has a substantially sized bistro venue, Hungry Horse, which has 5 POS lanes and operates as a dine-in bistro offering a wide range of plated meals.

All printing and production go back to a central kitchen, where the installed multiple Kitchen Printers and Pass printers are designed to suit Luna Park’s operations. This ensures quick and accurate control over the volume of orders.

Ticket Sales

Luna Park has worked with POSCOM to integrate its online store with SwiftPOS. SwiftPOS is used as the ticket validation system for entry into the park and provides staff and management details about tickets, status and usage.

Selling tickets directly to customers for events saves Luna Park ticketing commissions and allows them to be dynamic and quick-to-market for ticketed promotions and sales.

Turnstile Integration 

When Luna Park sells a ticket, the ticket ID is passed along with the ride ID to the turnstile control system, so the right ticket gets access to the right rides at the right time.

When each Turnstile is scanned, the ride data comes back to SwiftPOS to reward and congratulate members for their attendance and dedication as well as providing analytics on ride data.


By using the advanced SwiftPOS WEB API to integrate SwiftPOS into Luna Parks online sales, guests experience a seamless arrival to the park and are ready to have fun, avoiding the queues.

The SwiftPOS WEB API is a powerful tool that enables third-party applications to integrate into your SwiftPOS system for sales, inventory, membership, vouchers and much more.


Luna Park has a huge membership and Annual Pass base all run from the SwiftPOS Membership CRM module. Luna Park members are tiered and have multiple membership programmes running simultaneously.

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