POS Hibernation
  1. POS Terminals:
    • Cash off all tills – Do a final check of all POS terminals, make sure they have had a z-read, even terminals that normally have no finalized sales. Check all devices, including tablets, and be sure to close any open orders, tabs, or tables as part of the process.
    • Power down the POS terminals using the Windows Shut Down.
    • Switch off powered peripherals attached to the POS (e.g. printers).
    • Take this opportunity to move the devices and clean under them. Surprising amounts of grime accumulates under POS terminals, especially cash drawers.
    • Clean the screens with a microfibre cloth. If you use a liquid screen cleaner, spray it on the cloth, not the screen.
  1. POS Servers:
    • We advise against powering down servers, these are best kept running if possible.
    • Backups – do a database backup and a full system backup. Archive these offsite (preferably in the cloud).
    • Review your backup schedule – your system should have a backup schedule in place that your system administrator maintains.
    • Commence a database cleanse. De-activate old products.
    • Server upgrades – if these are due, bring them forward if possible to avoid having to do them at unsociable hours.
  2. Future Planning:
    • POS Terminal locations – think about the distance between terminals and general accessibility. Now is the time to review layouts.
    • Cable management – over time the POS terminal cables can start to get untidy. Some well employed cable ties could be worthwhile.
    • POS Terminal screen layouts – reducing keystrokes greatly speeds up operations at the Front Of House. Take some time to review the main screen designs.