Zapaygo is a lifestyle application, that allows consumers to order & pay for food beverage and merchandise to be delivered to seats or be collected, Zapaygo’s main focus is to service the hospitality, sports, and leisure market.

Over the year’s payments have gone from cash, to card, to contact, and under current COVID guidelines pre-order, and contactless is crucial. Zapaygo plans to unify the ordering, serving and payment experience and remove the need for dozens of Apps, enriching consumer’s lives and changing habits for good.

Zapaygo connects the dots between payment service providers, merchants, electronic points of sale and consumers, to create a seamless payment experience and is a B-2-B-2-C data marketing business.

Zapaygo is not only for food and beverage, it can be used in any instance there is an order or payment;

• Food and beverage
• Retail
• Wholesale
• Paying for services via app, phone or web
• Pre-Order and order for a date in the future.

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