OrderMate and Deliverect have partnered to build a reliable two-way integration to connect online order platforms to your POS.

Deliverect integrates all your online orders to your existing POS. Restaurants large and small rely on Deliverect to reduce failures and order mistakes while speeding up order preparation.

Why Deliverect? 

  • Save time and labour: Simplifying your order management flow frees up time for you and your team to focus on what matters most
  • Accurate online orders: No more double handling by manually entering online orders to your POS. Deliverect automate the process to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Increase your revenue: Deliverect makes it easy to explore new sales channels, so you can serve more happy customers and increase profits.

How we work together

By connecting online ordering platforms and POS, we help operators save time, reduce costs and enjoy reliability

  • All your online orders straight to your POS: Deliverect automates the flow of third-party to your OrderMate POS system. No more manual re-entry, tablet madness, or unnecessary delays.
  • Manage your menus better: Edit and update multiple menus with one click, direct from the Deliverect Menu Builder. Sync all orders with your stock management for more accurate information.
  • Get reports on your online sales: Know your business like never before thanks to Deliverect’s insightful reporting dashboard. View sales per channel to spot opportunities

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