We know you take age verification seriously, so we’ve enhanced the Age Restrictions and Verification feature in OrderAway. It provides a simple way to ask for the age of a guest. This will then open the menu to include any restricted items.

Feature Details

OrderAway has been updated to allow minimum Age Restrictions to be enforced against selected products on a menu. Choose between a Yes/No or Date of Birth prompt requiring a guest to verify their age when ordering those products. If the patron passes the Age Restriction check, they won’t be promoted again for a 24hr period.

Guest Experience

Age Restrictions & Verification

When a guest attempts to order a product within the Age Restricted Product Family, the Age Confirmation prompt will appear. The guest either confirms their age or enters date of birth depending on the mode you selected.

Once a guest has entered that they are over the minimum age, they are permitted to order from the restricted products. What’s more, the guest won’t be prompted to confirm their age for the next 24hr period from the point they place an order.

If the guest answers they are ‘under’ the restricted age or ‘I’d rather not say”, the product they were attempting to order will NOT be added to their cart. The guest will continue to be prompted to confirm their age each time they attempt to order an age restricted product.

Staff Experience 

If a patron has passed the Age Restriction check, any orders placed by that patron over the next 24hr period will include a comment within the order to show staff they have answered the prompt so your team can decide if they need to test the guest through an ID check. The comment is displayed on:

  • Order Printer dockets
  • Kitchen Printer dockets
  • Within the ‘View Order History’ menu at Touch as shown below:
Age Restrictions & Verification Back End

For the Setup & Configuration, download the Product Release Notes HERE

Important Notes

  1. Members who sign in will still be promoted to confirm their age when ordering an Age Restricted product even if their date of birth is stored in the membership system.
  2. If guests have cookies disabled on their device, they will continue to be prompted to confirm their age with each new order when ordering an Age Restricted product.