Create striking promotional campaigns and promote extra add-ons at the checkout with OrderAway’s new Upsell feature. Be able to influence customers at all stages of their journey.

Traditionally, venues have relied on staff members to prompt customers to add extra items to their order. You’ve heard it a million times before… “Would you like a drink with that?” or “Make it a combo?” The standard tack-on as part of the ordering process.

As an alternative, OrderAway offers a dynamic interactive experience that operators can customise to their liking. Entice orders through creating eye-catching promotional banners. Our Taco Tuesday example is just one of the endless possibilities. You name it – happy hours, lunch specials and cheap Tuesday. In addition, you can also link products and full sub-menus that appear directly underneath.

Upsell OrderAway

And don’t worry, it’s not intrusive or annoying. We have designed this feature to show once per session.

OrderAway provides the option of upselling in the form of:

  1. Advertising: An image (9:13) displayed when a patron navigates to the home page for the first time. See image above.

Upsell Checkout

2. Add-ons: A list of items/products displayed when a patron navigates to the checkout page. For example:

Note: Both options (home page and add-ons) can have separate products and banners shown.

So how do I get started?

  • Step 1: Link products to OrderAway Upsell

  • Step 2: Upload promotional banner

  • Step 3: See it in action!

Note: only compatible with SwiftPOS v10.22 and higher

Check out the demo for yourself! Get in touch if you have any questions.