SwiftPOS OrderAway has introduced a new menu layout for better venue branding, easier menu navigation and seamless ordering. 

Branded header image

Showcase your venue and outlet with our new branded header. Guide your patrons with visual cues and branding, for the best user experience. 

New responsive menu 

The new responsive menu provides patrons easy access to the entire menu without having to go back or lose track of where in the menu they are. Simply scroll through the menu options to see what each sub-menu has to offer.

Designed for flexibility 

The new interface allows businesses to structure their menu’s how they please. From dividing the menu into food and drinks for example, or simply incorporate the drinks menu with the entrees, mains, and desserts. 

Always know your order

Once a menu item has been added to the basket, the responsive ‘Review Order’ tab will be pinned to the bottom of the screen and is always accessible, no matter where in the menu you are. It shows the number of items ordered and the total amount. Simply select the ‘Review Order’ tab to review, order and pay. 

Order from table 12

Scan the QR-code to try the new SwiftPOS OrderAway Menu Layout for yourself. 

By Cairo Sauvage – Product Marketing Specialist