You don’t need to be trapped by your venue’s traditional outlets. Use OrderAway’s QR code to add, move or remove locations as needed. Or just create a pop up! And OrderAway will automatically adjust locations, such as table numbers, if they need to be changed.

All in the QR code.

We’ve all seen QR codes in action: scan them with your phone and you’ll be taken to a linked website, such as OrderAway. The QR code below, takes you straight to OrderAway including knowing your location, “Table 12” for the customer’s order. There is no backend configuration required.

Victoria Park Golf Course provides F&B on the course by utilising the tee off area as an OrderAway location. The QR code ensures the golf staff to know exactly where the member is ordering from and therefore where to deliver. The QR code (below) links to location “hole 9” – once the order is sent, staff can deliver drinks at hole 10. 

Once the order has been placed, instructions on where their order will be delivered will appear in the confirmation.

If you would like further information or would like to see how OrderAway drive sales and lower costs, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.

By Cairo Sauvage (Product Marketing Specialist)