Don’t be trapped by your venue’s traditional outlets. Use OrderAway to add, move or remove locations as needed. Or just create a pop-up! Here’s how to create any OrderAway Location with a URL:

orderaway locations

To access the URL, go to:

  • SwiftPOS Back Office
  • Administration
  • OrderAway
  • Select the activated OrderAway from the locations list
  • Double-click the OrderAway Client ID.

These steps will take you to the OrderAway Portal, where you can manage and configure OrderAway. Under the “Device” tab you will find your OrderAway URL.

orderaway locations

Please note your OrderAway URL can also be either:

  • https://ordermicropower.com.au/yourOrderAwayname
  • https://orderaway.com.au/yourOrderAwayname
OrderAway Locations (7)
Setting a Location Identifier in a QR Code URL Link

Using the above URL as a test case example, we can add a location identifier to the URL.


Without any Location identifier in the QR code URL, the menu will read “Ordering From” (as pictured on the left).

To complete the location message for the patrons, a location identifier needs to be added. To do this, the QR code URL will become:

https://orderaway.com.au/restaurantorderaway?location= the location identifier is “?location=”

To add a specific location, such as a table number, the URL could look like this: https://orderaway.com.au/restaurantorderaway?location=Table%2012

Now we have the main URL, the location identifier, and the specific location “Table%2012” which equates to “Table 12”.

The “%20” between the word “Table” and “12” is needed for a space between words.

Other Examples:

  • Table 4: https://orderaway.com.au/restaurantorderaway?location=Table%204
  • Row G, Seat 14: https://orderaway.com.au/restaurantorderaway?location=Row%20G%20Seat%2014
  • Cinema 3, Row G, Seat 14: https://orderaway.com.au/restaurantorderaway?location=Cinema%203%20Row%20G%20Seat%2014

Note: Each time there is a space needed between words and numbers use the URL code “%20”.

After you have created the location-specific URL, paste it into any QR Code generator. This will produce a unique QR code ready to be printed and used for that specific location in your venue.

The specified location will be attached to any order submitted from that QR code URL, including SwiftPOS Touch and any receipts printed from that order.

For more information about OrderAway, visit here.