OrderAway has several nifty features that can substantially increase customer basket size. These features include up-selling, strategic discounts, specials, and premium pricing.

Up-Selling with modifiers 

Modifiers, otherwise known as post linking, pairs certain products or product families with an item. It is a great way to entice customers to add additional items to their basket.

For example, the Greek lamb burger pairs well with a freshly poured draught beer.

The pop-up prompt (pictured below) can be closed by the customer; however, the customer must actively engage with the offering.

NOTE: Be wary to not go overboard with too many recommended pairings.

Get Strategic with Smart Discounting

Apply happy hours and specials to OrderAway locations and menus with ease. OrderAway has the unique ability to automatically update when price changes are made in SwiftPOS Back Office.

Slow lunch period? Start of a lunch special

Entice patrons before the dinner rush? Set-up an alluring happy hour deal

Discounts can be set to both in-venue and outside-venue ordering, allowing you to target customers before they set foot in the door.

Chef’s Special / Tonight’s Specials

Do you want your customers to know about a new meal on the menu? With up-to-date menu management, you can showcase specials on the OrderAway homepage. You can change it each night in SwiftPOS Back Office and the OrderAway menu will automatically update with the newest specials on offer.

Change the Menu to Match the Moment

Whether it’s a premium menu offer on the weekends or a takeaway focused menu mid-week, OrderAway can be adjusted depending on the time and day. This includes one-off special events such as a wedding reception or a function. A premium pricing strategy can also be created to go along with it.