By Pat HowardMSL Solutions

As one of Australia’s largest Point of Sale (POS) providers, I have just spent the last three weeks holding conversations with institutional investors attempting to explain what does POS do? 

Almost every time, I get asked:

  1. Do you compete with payment companies? 

No, but they integrate with the POS to take payments.

  1. Are you an ordering app? 

No, this is where OrderAway and 3rd party online ordering apps send transactions for operations and reporting.

The underlying message I communicate to them is – ‘We prefer to be crucial rather than sexy – We are not the next big thing.’ 

POS systems are at the centre of our customer’s operations. It is fascinating that when you’re dealing with investors, they are often looking for the next big thing, instead of what is crucial. They often talk to me about trying new ordering solutions or loyalty and discount integrations rather than just understanding what you have available and what you are running low on.

Having all this information on hand and easily accessible is great for customers and great for your venue and it all comes back to your ‘boring’ system that just makes it work –the POS. 

And this gets me thinking about how the consumer experience will change over time. We all know that going out for experiences is here to stay. Cinemas haven’t gone away with Netflix and restaurants haven’t gone away with ordering apps – rather than that, we see mobile phones enhancing the experience through deeper engagement. And you guessed it, all the information heads straight to the POS.  

I love the innovation that third-party online ordering apps are bringing to the customer experience and the market. I also feel, especially if I have been in lockdown for an extended period, then I am going to choose the fastest way to get a drink in a way that I can keep talking with my friends and family. When the choice is between lining up or simply placing an order through my phone, what am I going to do? Move with the times and place the order right there and then. 

As the two biggest states come out of lockdown and join much of the world in reopening, we want to help your customers order in any way they want. And in the end, it’ll all go through the POS so you can concentrate on serving your customers. 

You won’t see us. We aren’t the next big thing – but you will get your beer, cocktail or wine, and that’s what counts!