One of Europe’s leading golf software providers, GolfBox A/S has just signed a partnership agreement with PGA of Sweden.

This partnership agreement will create a central lesson booking solution centralized for PGA of Sweden and their club professional members. This solution is based upon GolfBox Protrainer, a new international software offering, which was released in 2016 in a few selected countries.

GolfBox CEO Christian Faergemann said that the new Protrainer software was built to ease and assist the PGA Professionals in handling their bookings and create more value and easy access for the golfer.

“The whole purpose of software is to make things easier and this was the objective of the new Protrainer software. We had significant assistance in the development by many PGA Professionals, which has shown to be key in customizing the functionality,” Mr Faergemann said.

“We are very pleased that PGA of Sweden has acknowledged the suitability of our Protrainer and will now promote our software as a central tool for all Club Professional members of PGA of Sweden.”

Mr Faergemann assured that the implementation of the software will happen with great involvement of PGA members in Sweden to ensure requirements and feedback.

For PGA of Sweden this new partnership is expected to bring a proven and solid solution for its members. GolfBox have over the years proven to be a good and reliable partner for software solutions in Sweden.

Mikael Sorling, CEO PGA of Sweden, says that the solution from GolfBox is the first step in making the PGA of Sweden Club Professionals easier to find for golfers in Sweden.

“GolfBox ProTrainer is a quality booking software that meets the high standards that both our organisation and our members have,” Mr Sorling said

Mr. Sorling adds “Because of this partnership we will make our members, the PGA Club Professionals, more easily accessible for the golfers in Sweden and will also make it easier for those that have not yet taken up golf as a hobby to find a PGA Club Professional.”

A brief development and implementation schedule has now been initiated to ensure that all the technical requirements are in place for the upcoming 2017 season.

For further information, please contact:

Christian Faergemann, CEO, GolfBox A/S

( – Mobile: +45 22119444)


Mikael Sorling, CEO, PGA of Sweden.

( – Mobile:  +46 70 858 40 01)


GolfBox A/S is one of the major software suppliers on the European market and is considered an innovator in software for the golf industry. The company’s continually expanding customer base includes more than 900 golf clubs, 15+ federations and some of the world’s major golfing bodies including well-known names such as The R&A, Scottish Golf and European Golf Association.

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PGA of Sweden was founded in 1932 and is an organisation for PGA professionals, Club Professionals and Tournament Players. PGA of Sweden works for the good of the sport golf by actively develop and strengthen its members. PGA of Sweden consists of 1100 members that are dedicated to strengthen and develop the golfers and the sport with the game of golf as the core value.

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