MPower MSL is proud to announce an arrangement with Community First Credit Union (CFCU). The arrangement entails the provision of a VISA debit card provided by CFCU and integrated with the MPower MSL Buying Club product. The arrangement will enhance the Buying Club offerings, placing the platform in an industry leading position, allowing loyalty points to be exchanged into currency. MPower MSL welcomes the arrangement due to the strong values shared between the two entities. CFCU shares common ground with MPower MSL industries (Sports, Leisure & Hospitality) being a Silver Corporate Partner of Clubs NSW.

The Buying Club product is an exchange system, which can be integrated across all gaming loyalty systems (IGT, EBET, Aristocrat & MaxGaming).  The platform also includes integration with the Pallister Games product, a recent acquisition by MPower MSL, allowing clubs to provide a new avenue through which their members can earn additional loyalty points. The points exchange system (PXE) converts loyalty points into Buying Club credits that can be spent with merchants (online or local) and, following the arrangement between MPower MSL and CFCU, members can transfer their Buying Club credits to an account with a VISA debit card. For even greater convenience, the card is payWave enabled and is compatible with Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. The Buying Club point exchange system has the ability for members to load prizes and spend immediately, developing further consumer engagement.

“We’re proud to work with MPower MSL to assist in finding innovative ways to add value to members in the community who can now enjoy even greater choice and convenience” commented John Tancevski, CEO of Community First Credit Union.

The Buying Club creates opportunities for a club to boost member engagement through rewards, encourages membership growth and club visitation resulting in increased levels of member spend and revenue growth. Presently the Buying Club/Pallister Games software is operational in 50 NSW clubs and venues.

The C.ex Group have recently rolled out the platform in their Mid North Coast region. C.ex Group CEO John Rafferty said the platform was the way of the future for marketing within community clubs and associations.

“No longer do we just sell our products and services to customers; we sell lifestyle and convenience. By moving away from our old ways of attracting loyalty and engaging in The Buying Club, we get to know our customers’ needs, allowing us to tailor our business to meet members’ demands and ensure that we remain relevant,” Mr Rafferty said.

“We also get to work closely with local business owners, to promote a strong, viable economy, which is a win for everyone involved,” he added.

The Buying Club is a fully automated system with minimal administration requirements, releasing valuable staff time from loyalty program duties and providing a suite of reports and data to club administrators. The Buying Club system allows clubs to relinquish traditional vouchers and gift cards, negating the need to have prize stock on hand.

The Buying Club has been designed to offer value to both clients and their members. Members can login and view the loyalty point balance and transfer to a CFCU account with a VISA debit card. The Buying Club App used by members will be individualised to club branding and offer geo fencing features for member alerts.

Further features include:

  • Easy access to online shopping which gives members a minimum 5% rebate on all transactions.
  • The ability to link to a CFCU account with a VISA debit card and transfer points and shop wherever VISA is accepted.
  • The option to establish a local merchant network, allowing members to receive a 5% rebate when using the CFCU VISA debit card.
  • The ability for club staff to load prizes and points directly into a members account from a tablet.
  • Revenue opportunities from third party advertisers wanting to promote products and services through exclusive offers via the Buying Club.


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