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Promotions & Offers
Member Programs
Allergen Management

Manage and analyse data about your members and craft promotions, offers and rewards based on spending habits. Incorporate digital advertising to promote events and special deals. SwiftPOS is a powerful promotions engine. 

Build customised member programs and offer member points programs, rewards and redemption offers, tiered membership levels as well as understanding member preference and contact details. 

Allergens are an important part of your food service processes. You can now import allergen and nutrient information and operators and customers can see the allergens in any product realtime.

Individual Restaurants

Individual Restaurants

Watch this video and hear how Individual Restaurants, who own over 40 restaurants in the UK, consolidated their POS and BI software to give business-wide visibility on ordering, payments, and customer loyalty. This led to increased revenue, customer engagement, and less time building reports in Excel for Individual Restaurants.

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