MPower MSL European Team statistically proves that professional lessons improve game performance

The MPower MSL European Team (GolfBox) has provided insight into the correlation between individual game performance and professional golf lessons through their lesson booking software (ProPlanner). Over 2017, ProPlanner captured data from 20,000 golfers who had booked one or more lessons through the platform. The captured data established a positive trend between number of lessons booked and the chance of lowering handicap percentage (HCP). GolfBox identified the correlation when they analysed the captured data against a control group sourced from the same geographical region.

Table 1 – Chance of Lowering Handicap for Golfers with a HCP between 0 – 37

The data uncovered golfers who undertook lessons from a professional had an improved chance of lowering HCP (refer table 1). The below table illustrates the chance of lowering HCP vs lessons booked. Golfers who had 3 plus lessons from January to December 2017 were 48.8% more likely to lower their handicap, whereas golfers who had no lessons had a chance of lowering HCP by 25.6%. Table 1 also notes that golfers who partook in 1 lesson per year had a 38.6% chance and golfers who participated in 2 lessons had a 41.7% of lowering their handicap.

Table 2 – Chance of lowering handicap by HCP Group

When reviewing the dataset by Handicap Group (table 2) it also showed a strong correlation between lessons booked and handicap performance. Table 2 shows golfers who booked 3 plus lesson increased the chance of lowering their handicap across all HCP groups, ranging from 38.5% to 48.8%.

Nick Thornton GM of MPower Golf said “ProPlanner has been specifically designed for PGA Professionals to grow and manage their lessons and in turn generate additional revenue from lessons. We are very pleased that ProPlanner has generated 9 million dollars worth of lesson revenue for PGA Professionals since its inception. We will continue to work with our PGA partners in ensuring this is the lesson booking software of choice for the golf industry”.

GolfBox ProPlanner, the official lesson booking software for the PGAs of Europe’ assists with the daily scheduling and management of a Golf Professionals’ business. Established in EMEA and APAC regions, ProPlanner has assisted in the booking of 155,000 lessons in over 24-month period globally.

GolfBox ProPlanner is currently running a 6 month no obligation trial for Australian Golf Professionals.

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