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Case Study

Individual Restaurants:
Enhancing Customer User Experience with BI & POS Software

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The Challenge

Dealing with a disjointed back-office system and data coming from 2 sources, Individual Restaurants (owner of over 40 restaurants in the UK) identified the need for BI Software. 

The Solution

Verteda, an MSL Company, worked with Individual Restaurants to consolidate their POS and back-end software systems.

The Results

POS and BI software were deployed to give Individual Restaurants business-wide visibility on ordering, payments, and customer loyalty, which led to increased revenue, customer engagement, and less time building reports in Excel.

"We are now able to be on the front foot, to see what people are ordering and get more transactional information than we’ve ever had before… We know who our top spenders are based on their visits and their spend through the system but they don’t necessarily have to be a member."
Individual Restaurants
Adam Purslow
IT Manager