If a transaction is displayed in your financials program, but you don’t know what it is for. How do you identify the transaction in Virtual Manager? To find out, you can either:

  1. Run Payments Report; or
  2. Search by Batch ID or Date

To run a Payments Report:

1) Go to Custom Reports > 2. Financial > Payments by Tender Type and Accounting Date

Identifying transactions
  • Leave as [All] or filter by Tender Type.

  • Enter the Start and End Date. If you only require one day, enter this date in both fields.

  • Click Preview Report.

The accounting date, member number, reference and amount will be displayed. Each tender type is displayed on a separate page.

Identifying transactions financials

5) You can now go into the member’s account to view their transactions.

To search for the transaction by Export ID or Date:

  • Via Batch ID: Go to Custom Reports > General Ledger > MIS General Ledger Export Reconciliation 200925

  • Via Date: Go to Custom Reports > 3. General Ledger > MIS General Ledger Export Reconciliation by GL Code 200925

Identifying transactions virtual manager
  • Enter the Export ID into the Export ID Start and Export ID End Click Preview Report.

  • Click Output > Export to Excel (XLS). Within Excel, you can sort by accounting date and other column headings.

VM General Ledger

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