GolfBox is excited to launch its new and improved App ahead of the official golf season in Europe. Available to all GolfBox users, the new app boasts several enhancements over its predecessor. 

The previous version of the app had limited functionality and only offered a subset of features available on the web. However, by pivoting away from a native app, users can now enjoy all the features of GolfBox on their mobile devices, without any limitations. Additionally, this approach enables us to implement fixes and updates instantly, bypassing the time-consuming process of app upload. 

GolfBox App
GolfBox App

Based on various customer feedback and suggestions, we have integrated several advanced features into the app. Some of the features include: 

  • Digital Union Card for easy login to touch screens around the club. 

  • View complete score archive, including all WHS scores 

  • Scorecards for up to four players while playing a round of golf. 

  • Confirm and pay for tee times within the time and distance limits set by the golf club.  

Furthermore, the app has been designed to handle rounds made up of 9-hole loops, a highly requested feature by our GolfBox community.   

Look out for the update notification on your phone to access the new app and experience seamless golfing like never before.