Do you hold events where drink limits are needed? Our QR-code solution, OrderAway, now lets you set quantity limits against products on a transaction basis. From managing workflows to adhering to the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) laws, you can limit the number of drinks ordered in each transaction.

The Mix & Match – Max Allowed rule is native to SwiftPOS Touch and is a powerful tool to prevent staff from overselling items to patrons. This feature is available in OrderAway, preventing patrons from over-ordering a family of products, such as drinks. Here is a quick-fire way to get you started.

To set quantity limits in OrderAway, go to SwiftPOS Back Office and click:

  • Voucher/Discounts
  • Mix & Match
  • New
  • Max Allowed in Sale
OrderAway drinks limit
Step 1 – Enable Mix & Match for OrderAway

Enable Mix & Match for OrderAway by following the steps below. Note: Must be on SwiftPOS v10.42 or above

  1. Open SwiftPOS Back Office

  2. Select Clerks > Clerk Records.

  3. Find the Clerk Record in the list that OrderAway is using to interact with the SwiftPOS API. Take note of the Security Group they’re assigned to.

  4. Select Clerks > Clerk Security Groups.

  5. Double-click on the Clerk Security Group.

  6. Maximise the Web > Web API security options and enable GET Rules

  7. Save. Close and re-open to confirm it has been applied successfully. 

  8. Select Administration > OrderAway.

  9. Select the OrderAway Client ID (location) you wish to configure.

  10. Once it loads, select the Connect > Permissions menu.

  11. Within Select Integrator… drop-down, select Micropower Member Services from the list.

  12. Tick Get Rules within the list and then select Update.

  13. Within Vouchers/Discounts > Mix and Match, review the list of existing rules and ensure that Web Enabled is ticked for any Volume Buy & Max Allowed X in Sale rules that should be applied in OrderAway.

  14. Always ensure a Full Update is sent to the SwiftPOS Touch terminals after any changes are made to the Mix & Match rule configuration.

No.2 – Create a New Mix & Match – Max Allowed rule

In SwiftPOS Back Office, go to:

  • Vouchers/Discounts
  • Mix & Match select New
  • Max Allowed X in Sale
  • A new window will open (pictured below) to set the rules for our item limit set against a product family
Screenshot 2022-10-24 103924

When creating the Max Allowed rule, consider the following notes:

  1. It must be Web Enabled

  2. Set the actual quantity limit in the X Qty field.

  3. Fill in the “Message” field, so your patrons know why they are receiving the message.

  4. Make sure the OrderAway location is enabled for this rule

  5. Make sure the dates for the Rule are set so the max allowed rule will be enforced.

  6. Select Okay at the bottom right-hand corner to set your changes in OrderAway.

For an in-depth explanation of OrderAway Mix and Match and the Max Allowed in Sale rule, please visit: https://help.swiftpos.com.au/index.php/docs/mixmatch/