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Case Study

Wigan Athletic:
Long-term ROI through enhanced customer insights.

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The Challenge

Wigan Athletic reviewed their public catering performance and noticed the large amount of time it  was taking to reconcile stock and cash at the end of games. They also determined a need to address the lack of ability to analyse wastage and staffing rates.

The Solution

MSL Verteda worked with Wigan Athletic to implement a new software and hardware system that more effectively reconciles stock and tills, integrates cashless payments, and provides stadium-wide customer analytics.

The Results

The club now benefits from a vastly reduced time to reconcile stock and tills and foresees the long-term return on investment that analytics will provide through customer insights.

"It’s all-around stock management, revenue management and staff management. If we can nail those three then the return on investment is huge."
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Jonty Caste
Head of Business Development & Customer Experience