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Case Study

Ramsgate RSL:
Customised Implementation Plan Delivers Results

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Ramsgate RSL Outside

The MSL project delivery team far exceeded our expectations.

Having the MSL team onsite during the first week of the new POS system being installed meant that we had experts on site to answer questions and work with us to immediately fix any issues.

Sean Dean, Facility Manager

The Challenge

The installation and support of a POS system was an important part of the upgrade selection process for Ramsgate RSL, to ensure there would be minimal disruption to operations.

The Solution

At the start of the implementation process, the MSL professional services team partnered with Ramsgate RSL’s in-house team to understand the business requirements and desired outcomes. Based on that, a customised implementation plan was designed to suit the needs of the club.

The Results

Thorough planning and having the MSL implementation team onsite delivered a seamless transition to a new system.  An additional benefit of this approach was that the team at Ramsgate RSL had time to address issues in the first few days of going live, to understand, review and optimise how the POS system operated.