(Canterbury) wanted an all-in-one system, built for the Australian market and to partner with a company and product that we felt would be scalable and flexible to tech changes and future innovation. MSL understood Canterbury and our needs best. SwiftPOS is a great product, and we felt it just fit our goals and objectives of what we wanted out of a system.

Don Ivory (Business Analyst, Canterbury)

As one of Australia’s leading clubs and well-known for its progressive leisure and hospitality facilities, Canterbury League Club Group is always looking at ways to stay at the forefront of member and guest experiences.

About Canterbury League Club

Canterbury League Club Limited (‘Canterbury’) is a registered Club located in Belmore, Sydney and also operates two smaller satellite clubs, The Lakemba Club & Moxon Sports Club. The club has 400 employees across the three properties and is in the business of offering unparalleled service to members, their guests, and patrons since its inception in 1956. The club has 60,000 members and the primary premise at Belmore is host to approximately 900,000 visits per year.

Why Canterbury chose MSL & SwiftPOS

When Canterbury decided to update its POS system, a tender process was undertaken to select a new system that suited the needs of the club both now and into the future.

Canterbury’s previous POS system was built for the US market and spilt into a few pieces – inventory, POS and ancillaries like membership, loyalty, and GL integration. Don Ivory, Business Analyst at Canterbury, said that the club “wanted an all-in-one system built for the Australian market. We wanted to partner with a company and product that we felt would be scalable and flexible to tech changes and future innovation.”

During the tender process, Canterbury felt that MSL understood their needs best. “SwiftPOS is a great product and we felt that it just fit our goals and objectives of what we wanted out of the system.”

SwiftPOS is the premier enterprise point of sale solution with unrivalled integration capabilities, ensuring you can continue to evolve your business over time. It is the ideal solution for managing a diverse portfolio in the cloud, with industry-leading offline capabilities to ensure trade continuity.

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Enhanced Operations with SwiftPOS

Don noted that ‘time’ has been a significant improvement with SwiftPOS – “Time is the biggest saver. The ease of use and time it takes to do things is fantastic. Navigating the Back Office is very easy, and there’s still plenty I need to learn, implement, and innovate on into the future.”

Feedback from Canterbury’s front-of-house staff has also been extremely positive – “Our staff have mentioned how quickly processes are compared to our previous systems… They can get back to focusing on the members and guests and service them more efficiently.

Canterbury operates two smaller satellite clubs, The Lakemba Club and Moxon Sports Club, which presented unique challenges, not found in single-site venues. Don referred to the ease of managing multiple venues – “It’s just like dealing with another bar upstairs.” SwiftPOS allows you to run your various service types and locations off a single Back Office database, bringing substantial efficiency benefits.

It’s important to give your customers the choice of how they engage with you, whenever they want, from wherever they are in your venue. Canterbury offers QR-code ordering options – “Being able to order and pay whilst sitting at a table, and have your food and drinks delivered is great for some,” whilst Don also added that over-the-counter ordering currently remains the favoured option at the venue. “You can’t go past good old-fashioned one-on-one customer interaction. It’s hard to ask a phone a question about what’s on top of that cake and the display cabinet.” With all the innovative technology (such as QR-code ordering apps), it is often forgotten that hospitality technology starts and ends at one central point: the POS system.


MSL Solutions (MSL) has a proud history of working with the Clubs and Gaming industry in Australia. We help deliver outstanding member and guest experiences and bring about significant operational efficiencies and savings to your venue. ​

MSL are proud of our partnership with Canterbury League Club Group (Canterbury). We also partner with many other large multi-site groups, including Easts, Vikings, Momento and Katarzyna Groups. With over 8,000 customers, MSL is committed to continuing the development of SwiftPOS, purpose-fit for the Australian Club and Pub industry. 

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