If a member on a payment plan wants to change their membership type – what’s the easiest way to do it? This knowledge base article will tell you how. The first step is to reverse the payment plan.

Reverse the Payment Plan

1. Firstly, click on the Accounts Receivable Module

2. Click on Payment Plans

3. Input the member number 

cancel payment plan

4. Click ‘Cancel remaining payment plan instalments’ 

5. Input the date of cancellation


6. Click Yes and the total will be brought back to their main/subscription Account.

7. Apply a credit note to the remaining payment plan to bring the account to zero

8. Right-click on the transaction and select Credit Note> Credit Outstanding Amount.

9. Select the date and click ok.

cancel payment plan

Note: The credit note is applied to the old membership to keep the account tidy, rather than letting the change membership process create a credit note.

Change the Membership Type

1. Click on the Membership Module

2. Click on Membership Status

3. Select the Membership that is currently active, highlighted in green, and select ‘Change to a different membership type’

cancel payment plan virtual manager

4. Input the date of change and the membership it will be changing to

VM cancel payment plan

5. Remove the line with the credit and make sure to keep the debit amount, as this will be the charge for the new subscription.


6. Hide the transactions that have been reversed. Make sure that the hidden total equals $0.00. If it does not, this will affect the account balance.

7. Lastly, you can re-apply the new Payment Plan. 

If you have any questions, please email membership_support@mslsolutions.com. For more Virtual Manager articles, click here