Have you tried a Mix & Match promotion to influence customer buying habits? It couldn’t be easier with SwiftPOS Back Office’s Mix & Match feature. By applying rules to groups of products, you can generate special pricing or print vouchers automatically at the POS. Have a look at our SwiftPOS Help Guide for examples of a Mix n Match promos such as the Buy X and Get X rule.

Buy X Get X Offer   

The Buy X Get X rule is used when you wish to offer promotions such as “Buy one, get one free,” or “Buy one, get the second one 50% off”.

The Scenario

A Liquor store has put forward a new promotion for the summer months. They want to offer the following:

2 SLABS for $76

  • Selected beers: Melbourne Bitter, VB Cans, Carlton Cold
  • (Normally $39.99 each)
  • Limit to 4 slabs per sale

Firstly, we need to select the products we want to be included in the promotion and put them in a family.

Mix & Match

a) Go to Products > Families 

b) Create a new family by pressing the New button

c) Type in the name of your family (e.g. Summer Slab Deal)

d) Select the products you wish to add from the Unassigned Products list

e) Click on the + button to assign your products to the family. 

f) If you wish to delete products, simply press

g) Once you have added all the products you want to be included in this family, press Save

Now that you have created your family, it is time to set up the Mix & Match rule.

Mix & Match Steps

p) Go to Connect/Touch Settings > Mix & Match

q) To add a new rule, press New Rule

r) Select Buy X and get X offer

  1. Rule Name: Type in the name of your deal.
  2. X Family: Select the family you have just created. 
  3. X Qty: Enter the quantity of items needed before the rule gets applied. For this rule, the customer must buy 2 slabs to get the 2nd slab at a discounted price. 
  4. Rule Options: Here you can select whether the mix and match rule is for members, to exclude items on promotion
  5. Maximum Times Trigger in a Sale: This limits the amount of times the rule will be applied within a single sale.
  6. $ Limit: This is the maximum discount that can be applied in a sale. For example: Thirsty Liquor only wish to apply this twice, hence a discount of $7.96 can only be achieved.  
Mix & Match Offer

7. Locations: This allows you to choose which locations the rule will be applied. 

8. Dates and Times: Enter in the dates and times this rule will be applied. For example, the summer slab deal is only valid between 1/12/2012 and 28/02/2013, so the manager has selected these dates in addition to the start of day and end of day times.

You can also select which days you wish this to be active. E.g. You may only want it to be active on Tuesdays, in this case, select only Tuesday and leave every other box unticked.

9. Discount Properties: Here we select 1 of 3 options:

  • Discounted Price ($ Value): Enter the value you wish the last item to become. E.g. the last slab will be $36.01
  • Discount Percentage (% Value): This is the discount you wish to give to the products. E.g. for the total price of the two slabs to be $76, 96% is taken off the last slab.  
  • Discount Amount ($ Value): Here we enter in the amount that we wish to take off the products. E.g. $3.98 is taken off the total price to equal $76

10. Enabled: This allows you to enable and disable the rule by ticking the box. As we have set the dates, times etc., we can enable the rule and expect it to come into play when 1/12/2012 comes around. It will end automatically on 28/02/2013.

s) Press OK to save your rule.

At the till…

t) Regardless of which discount (% off, $Amount etc.) you have chosen to apply, at the till the total discount amount will appear.

u) Once the maximum discount/ item amount has been reached, the sale will continue as normal.

For more information visit CUSTOMER HELP INFORMATION (pos.com.au)

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